How to make $30k-$60k more
on the sale of your home
with 3 low-cost “seller secrets”
you can do on your own
within 48 hours.

The Workshop Lays Out All The Best Practices And Pitfalls That Can Mean Making, Or Losing Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars.

If you walked away with only these 3 understandings,
you'll make more from selling your home than you imagined you could.

#1 Order your photos.

High end architectural and green photos that will show your home in its best light will transform your listing.

#2 Have a Pre-Marketing plan.

You do not want to list your home for sale without a plan. That’s the easiest way to let buyers take advantage of any minor detail.

#3 Someone guiding your way

I guarantee you’ll make more money selling through a professional than attempting it yourself.

At the Workshop, you'll learn strategies like:

  • How to get your home in front of the most buyers possible, as fast as possible.
  • How to transform your home to stand out against similar homes.
  • How to choose a photographer, what kind of photos to take, and how many to have in order to drive more showings as soon as your house hits the market.
  • How to capitalize on the critical 48 hour window after going live on the market.
  • Staging to sell – how to highlight the best features of your home so buyers justify the quirks.​
  • How to create competition over your home among buyers.​
  • The most simple, quick, and cost effective home fixes that create “instant equity”.
  • Dynamic (and doable) online marketing strategies that most sellers don’t realize are available to them.
  • How to use buyer psychology to gear your home listing for your most likely buyers.
  • How to strategically price your home to drive multiple offers and get more than you ever expected.
  • The price point difference high end photography can make over damaging amateur phone pics.
  • Buying and selling at the same time? Learn the timing strategies so you aren’t stressed over where you’ll live.

Kris Lindahl Will Teach You How At The Workshop


Kris Lindahl is a pioneer, innovator and influencer in the worlds of real estate, marketing, leadership, philanthropy and many more things to come. Raised in humble surroundings in Blaine, Minnesota, Kris was a natural entrepreneur. After losing his father in a tragic accident while he was just a sophomore at Fridley High School, he soon learned that he had to make his own opportunities. And he hasn’t stopped since.

What Attendees Say

"I'm Sure You Know A Realtor, And That's a Problem."

But here’s how to handle it.

I’m not saying your friend or relative isn’t a competent realtor. They could be fantastic. But what I am saying is being personally close to a realtor is a serious dilemma when it comes time to sell your home!

Because selling a home is not a personal matter, it’s a business one.

Your home is likely your biggest asset.

You likely have tens of thousands of dollars invested into its equity.

You stand to lose or gain tens of thousands of dollars when it comes time to sell.

Hey, Kris here.

“I felt like I gave away my home.”

It’s one of the most common regrets I hear from recent sellers. And when I ask who their agent was, almost always they say it was an old friend, or relative.

You may be thinking, “Well, not the realtor i know. They’re awesome!”

And they might be an awesome person. But what proof do they have of being an awesome realtor?

Serious proof. Online reviews? Awards? Endorsements from other industry professionals?
(Industry Tip: Years of experience in real estate does not necessarily equate to guaranteed results.)

So you’re caught in a trap. “Do I use my friend or relative out of obligation and loyalty, risking tens of thousands of dollars?”

“Or, do I risk using someone else and seriously offending them?”

It’s not a fun position to be in. And selling your home is stressful enough!

Here’s my expert advice. I urge you not to risk your personal relationship on a business transaction. No matter how great they may seem as a realtor. I’ve seen it go south way too often. I don’t want your personal relationship to become sour if anything happens that you’re not 1000% happy with.

I know that puts you in an awkward spot, so here’s what to do…

Because I know they’re someone you care about, hold that boundary.

Tell them, “I love ya and don’t want anything to come between us. That’s why I don’t want to mix business and personal life. But I still trust you. Who would you recommend?”

I honestly think this is the best way to approach this sticky situation.

When you frame it this way first, and ask advice second, you show you still care about them and support them. But also respect them enough to ask their professional opinion. They’ll feel that. And if they’re a true professional will totally understand.

Bringing this all back to the Sellers Workshop…the best part is you can come, learn these strategies, and bring them back to any agent worth their salt. Agents on my team obviously have an expert experience with these cutting edge strategies, but I’m serious when I say you can come to this workshop without any obligations.

The workshop is free! But it does have limited seats.

And sure, we’d love it if you chose to work with us, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that! But the real reason is to give back to the community.

I have a degree in teaching, and that was my first passion. I love teaching people ways to improve. Improve their lives, their business, or their finances.

Our core motto at Kris Lindahl Real Estate is “Be Generous”. It’s even its own 501c3 registered charity. We believe in being generous with our time, treasures, and talents to better the lives of those around us.

Sharing my real estate strategies like an open book is one of the best ways I know how to Be Generous towards the general public.

So I hope you come, learn, and sell your home for tens of thousands more than you thought was possible.

A Sneak Peek From Past Workshops

Check out these videos to get an idea of the exciting strategies Kris will share at the Seller Workshop.

Importance Of Staging And Pictures

How we live and how we sell are two totally different things. You're competing against an experience. The experience of a model home and other showings.

Do You Have A Pre-Marketing Plan?

The moment you commit to moving people should know. Other forward thinking industries do comprehensive pre-marketing, why not traditional real estate?

The Truth About Real Estate Pricing

There's a problem with how houses are priced. At the workshop you'll learn the pricing pitfalls to avoid, and how to properly price your house to get over asking price.

How Buyers Control Negotiations

Subconsciously buyers control the deal. A proper house listing has buyers competing with each other, not you. How do you plan to make this happen?



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