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Learn the shocking secrets revealed in Kris Lindahl's bestselling new book!

How to sell your house FAST with TOTAL CONVENIENCE and NO COMMISSIONS

The Workshop Lays Out Dozens of Life Situations Where Accepting a Guaranteed Cash Offer Can Provide the Relief You Need.

If you walk away with these 3 understandings, you'll have a huge advantage in selling your house.

#1 Most people drastically overestimate their property's value.

The value a real estate agent gives your home is a gross number that doesn't include commissions, closing costs and dozens of other potential expenses you'll have to pay.

#2 Most people fail to place a cost on their time, stress & loss of privacy.

People are shocked at how much work it takes to sell a house on the open market in 2024. Cleaning. Repairs. Decluttering. Showings. Negotiations. Not to mention the risks of your house not selling and the invasiveness of having strangers in your personal space.

#3 Guaranteed Cash Offer delivers so much more value than the “storm-chasers.”

Many other cash offer companies don’t have the brand trust, infrastructure or deep pockets to follow-through on their offers. Your Guaranteed Cash Offer is a competitive, well-researched offer. Plus, you can choose your closing and moving dates, and even get help with your move.

At the Workshop, you'll learn how accepting a Guaranteed Cash Offer can relieve stresses like:

Going through a divorce, experiencing a death in the family or needing to relocate for work.

Timing a home sale with securing your next property.

Negotiating with potential buyers.

Managing and paying for contractors to do repairs.

Staging your house, then keeping it immaculate for weeks or months.

Being in debt, behind in your mortgage payments or on the verge of foreclosure.

Having emotional buyers make sudden demands or back out at the last minute.

Worries about the national or local economy.

Being physically unable to prepare your house to be sold.

Seeing your house sit on the market and lose value every day.

Kris Lindahl Will Teach You How At The Workshop


Kris Lindahl is a pioneer, innovator and influencer in the worlds of real estate, marketing, leadership, philanthropy and many more things to come. Raised in humble surroundings in Blaine, Minnesota, Kris was a natural entrepreneur. After losing his father in a tragic accident while he was just a sophomore at Fridley High School, he soon learned that he had to make his own opportunities. And he hasn’t stopped since.

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